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Primal Vinyasa

Evolve your movement patterns. Connect with your body’s natural wisdom and let it move you. Gather in a circle that honors the journey of life. Tap into your intentional center and experience balanced movement, dynamic strength, and mind-body-awareness. Primal Vinyasa is an evolution of traditional vinyasa, uniquely designed to remind you of your innate ability to enjoy powerful movements of body and spirit.


Restorative Yoga

Settle into this practice designed to calm both body and mind. Explore relaxing floor postures, often supported by props and held for longer than usual. Quieting your nerves and resting your body are what make the healing power of restorative yoga an essential compliment to a sustainable practice.


Core Yoga

Focus on your center as you move through a series of invigorating postures that are directed towards the structural and stabilizing muscles of your core. From the quadriceps to the abdominals, this class cultivates beneficial strength for all types of movement.

Senior Yoga

There are no transitions to the floor, although they are not discouraged if the practitioner does transition to the floor. A chair is used as a tool for stability and for transitioning up and down. This is an all level class, and individual suggestions are given for every student.  Kari will be joined by Annie Adamson, an experienced yoga therapist who will be able to answer questions and share new ideas. 


Beginning the day in sacred silence allows one to observe the body, sensations, thoughts, and experience mindfulness as a way of knowing truth and accessing the deeper wisdom that is available when the mind is at peace. As we sit together in stillness, join us each morning for this guided experience of turning your awareness inward to your breath and becoming an observer of the waves of thought.

Conscious Living
Explore the evolution of consciousness through Samkhya philosophy. Discover how, as you move toward the spiritual evolution of your soul, you serve the creative evolution of humanity and awaken your divine potential.

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